A Handbook for Messengers
20th century
4.375 in WIDE x .125 in DEEP
(11.11 cm WIDE x .32 cm DEEP)
Gift of Leopold E. Appe

Pg. 1 Personal Record: "messenger No.___, Citizens' Defense Corps of Oakland, California. My name is: Leopold W. Appe. My home address is 1703 19 Ave...Phone KE 4-0341. In case of emergency, notify Mr. and Mrs. W. Appe, Whose address is: 1703 19 Ave...
"This Handbook given to Leopold W. Appe - age 15 yrs, Boy Scout Troop #24, February 1942. Oakland Defense Council, Room B, City Hall, Calif." Written on the inside cover: "Property of Leopold W Appe - ....... Dec. 10, 1997. William Appe, father of L. Appe Was with Oakland Auxiliary Police (Block Warden) Badge no#2657"

This is a 44 page booklet, printed by the United States Office of Civilian Defense, Washington, D.C. "A Handbook for Messengers." The booklet discusses the administration of the program; The Messenger's Job;Messenger's Equipment; Duties Preliminary to An Air Attack; Wne Attack Comes; When "All Clear" Sounds; Individual Conduct During a Blackout; What to do in an Air Raid; Citizens' Defense Corps (including logos) and Drill. The book is well illustrated. Some of the illsurtations are like those found in 2005.22.2 "Handbook For Fire Watchers."

Used: Leopold W. Appe | World War II | Oakland

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