4.25 in WIDE x 1.25 in DEEP
(10.79 cm WIDE x 3.17 cm DEEP)
Gift of Lawrence Eugene Crooks

I. H. Crooks, Badge 10993, Welder Foreman inscribed in pencil.

This black loose leaf notebook (6 holes) is full to over flowing with a type of "blue print" showing decks and platforms of ships to be built in the Richmond shipyards. There are also drawings for Weld Sizes, and charts of General Characteristics, Location of Moulded Lines,Tank Top Half Breadths, Third Deck Half Breadths, Second Deck Half-Breadths, as well as plans for Bridge Decks, Cabins Decks, etc. Tucked into a pocket at the back of the notebooks is are three sheets of paper, one is the "Welder Distribution Sheet" for the "Day Shift" "January 25, 1945." Since Crooks was the Welder Foreman he would have this sheet listing the number of welders, who they were, and how many people were used for each aspect of the work.

Although the work in the notebook seems to relate to the "Day Shift," it should be noted that the Richmond shipyards ran 24 hours a day. Day Shift, Swing Shift and Graveyard Shift were each 8 hours long.

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