Gift of Lawrence Eugene Crooks


This very short jacket are part of the "leathers" worn by Ira Hubert Crooks, a welding foreman at a Kaiser shipyard in Richmond during World War II. The sueded brown leather jacket fastens down the fron with three metal snaps. There are three metal snaps on either side of the bottom of the jacket. (These snaps would have fit onto snaps of coveralls or trousers worn as protective clothing while welding.) There's a snap at the bottom, cuff edge of either sleeve. There's a fold back collar at the neckline. On the proper left breast is a bull dog stenciled onto the leather. It is the logo for "Tuf-Dog" brand. (The bull dog is welding.)

Mr. Crooks' gloves (2005.23.3 A-B) would have been worn with this short jacket.

Used: Ira Hubert Crooks | Kaiser | Shipyard | World War II | Welding | Ship building

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