Myra with 1936 For Coup - $915-
5 in HIGH x 4 in WIDE
(12.70 cm HIGH x 10.16 cm WIDE)
Gift of Glenn Lane

Written across the back in pencil: "Myra with 1936 Ford Coup - $915- aswe were leaving the crop dusting work heading for Lockheed. background stands old Nelly - new standard I 5 Whirlwind eng. Independent Crop Dusting inc. S.F."

Photograph of Myra [Wright] standing in the open door of a 1936 Ford Coup, on the driver's side; her left leg is bent behind her so that her foot rests on the running board. She's wearing slacks with a coordinated jacket top, belted at her waist. She has a scarf or ribbon around her head, and has sunglasses in her left hand. Behind her is a biplane.

1. Crop Dusting was a business designed to help with agriculture. 2. Myra's fashions are very up-to-the-mintue. Her slacks are young and daring for the time; movie stars like Katherine Hepburn dared to wear trousers in public. The sunglasses in her hand show how they are becoming an established California accessory. (At some time Myra Wright became Myra Lane.)

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