8.5 in WIDE
(21.59 cm WIDE)
Gift of Glenn Lane

With a Hic-Hic, Cheerio, Jack and Ethel

One page typed letter on white paper from Jack Irwin and his wife, Ethel, in Bolinas, to Bert and Myra Lane in Santa Barbara. Dated August 21, 1967. Irwin returned Lane's 1919 letter (2005.24.65) to him in which Lane mentioned that he included a stamp because he was asking for a price list. As a post script to this letter Irwin wrote in blue ink "P.S. - you didn't need to send the stamp, but I will use it!"

Lane wroteIrwin's Marin County phone number across the top of the letter: "ph-1-415-868 1346."

Used: Bert Lane | Jack Irwin

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