8.5 in WIDE
(21.59 cm WIDE)
Gift of Glenn Lane

Best regards to Myra and your-self, your friend with a Hic-Hic Cheerio, Jack

White paper, typed one pahe letter from Jack Irwin of Bolinas to Bert Lane in Goleta, dated February 8, 1970. Irwin talks about the bad weather, roads closed and the necessity of chains, and that he won't be able to get back to work on the "aeroplane" (meaning the Meteorplane) for a while. He also tells how many writers, TV and radio interviewers are interested in taking his time, but not paying him anything. Since he's no longer in business "...any more, the publicity is of no value to [him]." "Well I guess that is enough of this for now, so will close, thanking you again for your interest. Best regards to Myra and your-self, your friend, with a Hic-Hic Cheerio, Jack..."
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