White paper, two page typed letter, stapled at the upper proper right corner, from Jack Irwin in Bolinas to Bert Lane in Goleta, dated May 5, 1970. Irwin talks about finishing the Meteorplane, the need for more "nitrate dope because the five gallons I have hads gone sour and turned [amber] and won't shrink. Made a mess of the horizontal rudders, and I may have to redue." He's sure he'll finish the aeroplane this year. Irwin extends an invitation to the Lanes (Bert and Myra) to vist him and Ethel during the summer. Mentions house sitting for is son in San Jose. Talks about flying with his young son "who lives in Las Vegas." "He is a motor flyer and I keep telling him to fly higher all the time. Now a-days they teach them how easy it is to fly, not how realy danger-ious it really is to fly and stay alive. I hope he never has motor failure, at least for a long, long time." "Well, thats about all for now, so again thanking you for your nice long letter. Best regards to Myra and yourself. Cheerio - Jack..."
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