8.5 in WIDE
(21.59 cm WIDE)
Gift of Glenn Lane

Take good care of your self - Hic - hic - Cheero - Jack

A one page typed letter on white paper to Bert Lane from Jack Irwin in Bolinas, dated March 3, 1975. Irwin talks about some World Ar I motion pictures given to him by a Sacramento friend. They date from 1917. "Every one who has seen them, say they are gret and wonders how I got them. Evidently Jack is now alone because he has to worry "...about [his] socks, bed sheets and laundry etc. and it sure takes a lot of my time." "Bert, you have me puzzled, because from your letters I can't tell for sure if you are married or not." The Irwin talks about flying with friends from various sites, bemoans the fact that the local strip that Bert landed on before has been fenced. "Take good care of yourself - Hic - hic Cheero - Jack"
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