8.5 in WIDE
(21.59 cm WIDE)
Gift of Glenn Lane

With a Hic-Hic Cheerio, Jack

A two page hand written letter from Jack Irwin to Bert Lane, dated September 6, 1976. The first page is written on pink paper, the second on white. Irwin discusses the OX5 Aviation Pioneers and how pleased he is that Lane has joined the group. He then talks about the convention in San Diego, which he plans to attend with his daughter, Jean, and his granddaughter, Bonnie. He talks about going to the funeral of a friend, Jack Hooe, who chocked to death "...a hell of a way to go..." Talks about flying and a Balancia and Aeronica. He was able to fly over the field from which he first flew in 1908 "...it was a great feeling in my old age."
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