The Pullman Company, Cy. Smith, Porter
1.375 in WIDE x .375 in DEEP
(3.49 cm WIDE x .95 cm DEEP)
Gift of Don H. Smith

Cy.Smith, Porter

Plastic cover photo ID pin for Cy F. Smith, a Pullman Porter. The face of the ID features a portrait of Mr. Smith, printed at the top "The Pullman Company," typed beelow that is "Cy.Smith" the the photograph, below which is typed "Porter." The back of the badge has other information, perhaps an employee number "SL 693" with Mr. Smith's signature, "Age 37, Hair, Blk." and an illegible signature of "Company Officer."

Mr. Smith was a Pullman Porter until he was 65, c. 1961. He also was a friend of C. L. Dellums.

Used: Cy F. Smith | Porter

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