Gift of Daughters of Norway, Anna Kolbjornsdatter Lodge #36

A: Jacket, red wool twill with blue wool twill collar and lapels; double breasted, fastened with six brass buttons (decorated with an anchor). White braid near the cuff of either long sleeve. The jacket is short, fits to the waist in the back, and has two points in the front, that go just over the natural waistline. Lined in a diagonal textured rayon in tan. B: Skirt is of blue wool twill with a white wool twill box kick pleat on either side. Inside the seams are quite large (which would allow for alterations). Fastens on the proper left side with metal zipper and a single blue button.

This uniform, of red, blue and white, the colors of the Norwegian flag, was worn by Josephine Tednes, a member of the Daughters of Norway Drill Team. All of the drill team members wore such a uniform, along with a cap (see 2005.31.2). It was the Anna Kolbjornson Lodge #4, Daughters of Norway that had this particular uniform. The drill team was active in the 1930s. They marched in parades up Market Street in San Francisco and for the opening of Golden Gate and Bay bridges. They also played a role at the Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island, performing on Norway Day in 1939 (see 2005.32.1) and in 1940 (see 2005.32.2). In 1939 the Norway Pavilion was a sod-roof Norwegian farm house, designed by architect Magnus Paulson. In 1940 Norway and Estonia closed their exhibits after Hitler overran both countries. For the summer of 1940, Norwegian Americans and Norwegians in the San Francisco Bay Area took over the former New Zealand Pavilion and completely remodeled it for their exhibition purposes. Much later the Anna Kolbjornson Lodge #4 of the Daughters of Norway changed their name, more appropriately to the Anna Kolbjornsdatter Lodge, with the number being #36. (Anna Kolbjornson is an historic Norwegian figure.)

Used: Josephine Tednes | Josephine Tednes Erickson | Daughters of Norway | Drill team

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