This is a collection of flyers, articles and other types of political ephemera collected by Pat Cody and her husband Fred when they ran Cody Books on Telegraph Avenue in the 1960s. The majority of the materials date from 1968 to 1972. The largest portion is dedicated to People's Park but there is also a good deal related to the Telegraph Avenue Merchants Association, the city of Berkeley and the Berkeley Free Clinic. There are also 24 newspapers and newspaper clippings on the same topics. The newprint is yellowed and brittle.

26 Folders in the collection are labeled as follows: 1.) ACLU interview of Fred Cody, 2.) Anti-Reagan Flyers: 3.) Anti-war Political Flyers: 4.) Anti-war Political Flyers: 5.) Berkeley Free Church: 6.) Berkeley Free Church: 7.) Berkeley Free Clinic: 8.) Diggers Free Bread: 9.) Food Programs: 10.) Health Care Materials: 11.) Historical Review South Campus: 12.) Instant News Service: 13.) Letters: 14.) Telegraph Avenue Merchants: 15.) Native Americans: 16.) Misc. materials: 17.) News clippings: 18.) Misc. Newspapers: 19.) People's Park booklet: 20.) People's Park documents: 21.) People's Park flyers: 22.) People's Park, small posters: 23.) Poetry and booklets: 24.) People's Park Newspapers: 25.) People's Park, Report to Governor Reagan: 26.) Youth Programs

Used: Cody Books

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