3. in WIDE
(7.62 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mrs. Bette Chinn Dare

Pair of white kid gloves, probably size 6 or 6 1/2. The gloves are short, with an unclosed placket (similar to an open slit) on the palm side of each glove. The tops of the gloves are slightly scalloped; the outer edge is trimmed with clusters of three artificial paerls (seed beads). On the back of the hand/outside of the glove and set in about 1/4 from the edge is an alternating row of clusters of three artifical pearls (seed beads); then down only a fraction from that row is another row of artificial pearls (seed beads) set farther apart, and only two groupings of two beads each. A: Is the right glove; B: is the left glove.

These gloves were worn by bride Bette Chinn, at her wedding.

Used: Bette Chinn | Bette Chinn Dare | Wedding | Chinese American

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