"'A Stitch in time,' Milady's Hosiery Service Kit"
20th century
1.875 in|1.5 in WIDE
(4.76 cm|3.81 cm WIDE)
Gift of Barbara G. Anderson

Milady's Service Kit With Imported Self=Threading Needle....

A: Single fold, mending kit, from Realsilk (aka Real Silk). An illustration of a woman in mid-late 1920s fashion, wearing a red dress, and seated on a black uphostered window seat is mending her hosiery at the knee (while wearing it). "A Stitch in time." Inside is information about the "Self=Threading Needle" which was missing from this kit when it was given to the museum. A packet of vari-colored threads is included. B: Appears to be threads ripped from another Realsilk mending kit and stuffed into this one. There are two sections of thread on this sheet.

Used: mending | Hosiery | Travel

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