Milady's Hosiery Kit, Real Silk
20th century
1.75 in HIGH x 2.5 in|2.375 in WIDE
(4.44 cm HIGH x 6.35 cm|6.03 cm WIDE)
Gift of Barbara G. Anderson

Milady's Hosiery Kit

A: Is the outer folder for this mending kit. It is distinguished by a series of six women's shoes printed in black on the cover, and six legs cut out so that the differnt colored silk threads contained within the kit would show. The cover is printed in light green, rose color and black. The back of the cover says: "With the compliments of the Realsilk Hosiery Mills, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana, Made in U.S.A." Beneath that "World's largest manufacturers of Silk Hosiery for men and women." B: Cardbord insert with small "fingers" to hold different colored silk threads-white, cream color, brown, gray and dark gray. (One color is completely missing.)

Used: mending | Hosiery | Traveling

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