The photograph shows a group of male workers ranging from young to old, in a glove factory in Oakland. In the foreground there is stove, a table with golves piled onit, in the background there is a shelving unit filled with golves. On the back of the photograph it reads: M.W/ Hodkins Glove Factory May 11, 1899 1. E.L. Hodkins 2. George McKlid 3. Will Wilson 4. Henry Weber 5. Lawrence Normand 6. Mr Rhodes 7. L.W. Hodkins 8. Ernest M. Blaess 9. Henry Bente 10. Albert Smith 11 Edward Smith 12. Ray Bullock 13. Charlie Dorsch 14. M. W. Hodkins 15. C. W. Pangburn The glove factory was located at 1121 7th St.
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