Oakland April 18, 1906
c. 1906
15.5 in WIDE
(39.37 cm WIDE)
Gift of Patricia Brenzel Vercelli

See original record (2005.52.104) for information about the album. Image 2005.52.104AS shows the Chabot Obseratory, it is unclear if the image was taken before or after the earthquake.

The original Chabot Observatory was built in 1883 by Anthony Chabot. It was equipped with an 8-inch equatorial refractor by Alvan Clark & Sons, a 4-inch double pier transit and meantime clock by Fauth & Co., a Howard sidereal clock, a Negus Break Circuit chronometer, and a chronograph. The observatory was given to the Board of Education in trust for the City of Oakland and was to be forever free to the public and the public schools

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