The photograph is mounted on a borwn cardboard mat, it shows a building inSan Francisco, following the earthquake and fire. The building says __ricke & Runyon Co. which is presumably the Boericke and Runyon Co., a pharmecy located at 231 Sutter Street (San Francisco directory, @ sfgeneology.com)

In about 1890, William Boericke formed a partnership with E. W. Runyon, in San Francisco, and formed the company of Boericke and Runyon, a homeopathic pharmecy. Sometime during the 1940s Boericke and Runyon were sold to Humphreys Pharmacal, and became a division of that company. William Boericke was born on October 25, 1849 in Austria. He studied for one year at the Vienna Medical School and then immigrated to the Unites States where his family settled in Ohio. In 1880 he moved to San Francisco to take over the Boericke and Tafel pharmacy.He graduated from the Philadelphia Medical College in 1876 and from Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia in 1880. Moving to San Francisco he practiced as a homeopath for over fifty years.He was editor of the California Homoeopath and co-founder of the Pacific Homoeopathic Medical College and Hahnemann Hospital in 1881. This facility was eventually incorporated into the University of California, where Boericke became the first professor of Homoeopathic Materia Medica and Therapeutics, a post he held for thirty years. He was also on the faculty of the Hahnemann Medical College in San Francisco.In 1901 he authored Boericke's Materia Medica. His brother Oscar added a repertory to the book in 1906. This 'pocket manual' finds its way into almost every homeopath's library. It is a concise guide to hundreds of remedies, some of which appear nowhere else.From 1880-1920 Dr. Boericke was the physician of choice in San Francisco. Consequently, his family belonged to the 'high society' there. In fact, patients came from all over the world to be treated by him homeopathically. He was a hard worker and his family was devoted to him.Edward Wheelock Runyon was born in Chicago in 1851. He was a postmaster to the Ohio Regiment during the Civil War. He went to California in 1887, met William Boericke, and returned to the east coast to get a degree from the New York College of Pharmacy in 1893. He was the president of Boericke and Runyon in New York City from 1908 until his death at age 86 on December 17, 1937.

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