1.875 in|2.25 in|6.875 in|1.5 in|.5 in|1.75 in|2. in|1.5 in|1.125 in|1. in HIGH x 2.25 in|2.25 in WIDE
(4.76 cm|5.71 cm|17.46 cm|3.81 cm|1.27 cm|4.44 cm|5.08 cm|3.81 cm|2.86 cm|2.54 cm HIGH x 5.71 cm|5.71 cm WIDE)
Gift of the Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren of Francis Marion Smith

Theodore B. Starr, New York, Sterling and other metals, 20043
"Adams Prize, Class L - won by the Effort, Larchmonth Race Week, 1903"
San Francisco Antique Fall Show, October 2006

Chafing dish, won as a prize by Francis Marion Smith, for his boat, the Effort, Class L, in the Larchmont Race Week sailing races of 1903. A: chafing dish, copper with silver interior, long copper handle tipped with silver, and decorated with applied silver motifs. B: Dish, copper, marked Theodore B. Starr, etc. on bottom 20043 (with 5 underneath); sits in object "A." C: Stand, copper, three legs and feet (each trimmed with silver applied motifs), rivets on the interior of the leg hold the appliques in place; small cupped form inbetween legs also has silver applique motifs, curves. D: Lid for cup, all copper with three burners; two burners are covered and have long silver colored metal handles. E: Burner cover, silver colored metal; loose, handle is missing, partial hinge on one side. F: Dish, repousse, decorative copper dish with fruits and flowers in the center, surrounded by scallops and the a ring of ruffles; plume-like swirls in repetitive patterns around the sides. G: Lid, copper with silver wave-like motif around the rim, central knob is also silver and engraved "Larchmont Race Week, 1903." The copper is engraved "Adams Prize Class L, won by Efforrt." Inside of lid is lined with silver. H: Serving Spoon with copper handle (appliqued silver motif) and silver spoon. I: Serving Fork with copper handle (appliqued silver motif) and silver fork. ("H" and "I" match as a set, but the handles are not identical.) J: Tray of copper trimmed with silver waves around the outer edge/rim. On the tray is engraved: "Adam Prize, Class L, Won by Effort, Larchmont Race Week, 1903." The bottom of the tray is stamed with Starr's name, the state, metals involved and the number; however, the hallmark is also stamped on this piece.

Francis Marion Smith, is also known as "Borax" Smith. His company was Pacific Coast Borax - 20 Mule Team Borax. He built his home "Arborvilla" (also "Oak Hall") in Oakland. He had another home on Shelter Island in New York where he had two boats. The boats (yachts) were Effort and Effort II. (It is the Effort that was the prize winner at the Larchmont Race Week in 1903.) He also had a steamer. Back on the West Coast, in the East Bay he was also involved in the Key System Company. Mary R. Thompson Smith was Francis Marion Smith's first wife who died from a heart attack 1905/06 New Year's Eve. Smith then married Evelyn Ellis who had been Mary's Secretary. Smith and Evelyn had four children. In 1915 he went broke. "Arborvilla" was sold in 193;1; and at the time Smith's Thomas Hill paiting of Yosemite was sold for about $34.00.

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