Rex Club, All Kinds of Mixed Drinks by Expert Mixologist
5 in|6.985 in HIGH x 6.875 in WIDE
(12.70 cm|17.74 cm HIGH x 17.46 cm WIDE)
Museum Purchase

Printed on the front of folder, B: "Service With a Smile . . . Rex Club, All Kinds of Mixed Drinks by Expert Mixologist, John H. Harvey, Manager, 1706 Seventh Street, Phone TWinoaks 0256, Oakland 7, Calif." Printed on the back: Index Nite Club Photo, Slats & Velda, FIllmore 7936" {and a Union "bug").

A: Black and white, glossy photograph. Image of six young people, all of whom are African Americans, seated at a round table, smoking and having drinks. B: Folder, yellow card stock, printed in black (see "Inscription"), with four diagonal slits on the back of the folder, to hold the photograph in place on the inside of the folder.

On the proper right is a young woman, wearing a short coat, skirt (with her knees crossed) a lighted cigarette in her right hand and she has on fingernail polish. Next to her is a young woman wearing either a suit or a coat and skirt, with a light colored blouse or sweater. Next to her is a young man dressed in a dark suit, white shirt, patterned necktie, eye glasses and a fedor tipped away from his face. Next to him is another young man in a light colored suit, white shirt, dark necktie and a dark colored fedora. Next to him is a young woman dressed in a light colored suit, or skirt and coat, with a printed blouse and dark colored earrings. The last man is in a light colored plaid jacket and trousers in a different plaid. He has on a solid colored sports shirt and a dark fedora. His legs are crossed so that his left oxford shoe and well fitting hose are visible. He also appears to be smoking a cigarello or a small cigar. The group is crowded around the table on which there are some glasses and beer bottles. The table is decorated with a small plaster sculpture of an almost nake blonde female (she wears a ribbon around her waist). She is the type of plaster sculpture that could be won at a fair or Playland at the Beach for opping balloons with darts, or other such game.) The booth in which the group is seated is upholstered -- two tone for the back support (every other panel) with the seat done in the darker material, piped in the lighter tone.Five photos in this group from the collection of Sallie Eakins.

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