Last Word, Souvenir Photo
5 in|6.625 in HIGH x 7 in|8.5 in WIDE
(12.70 cm|16.83 cm HIGH x 17.78 cm|21.59 cm WIDE)
Museum Purchase

To My Pal Sallie - from T. Bone Walker - 9-1-47; To A fine lady - Sallie - from T. Bone Walker 9-1-47. (One signature is done in pencil, the other in ink.)
For Reservations Call ADAMS 9846, Last Word, Souvenir Photo, 4206 South Central Avenue, Los Angeles, California

A: Black and white photograph. Image shows young adults gathered around a round table in a nightclub. There is a mirror to the proper left of the image. All of the people in the image are African American, from proper right of the image: young man in a striped suit with a dark shirt; young woman wearing a light colored coat (large button evident by the large buttonhole) with a dark printed blouse or dress, earrings with small dangles and a medium sized dark purse in her lap, the strap over her hand; young woman with a medium colored jacket, dark blouse, cicular pin at her neck, also wearing small earrings; man in medium colored suit (gray?) with a plaid sports shirt; man wearing a light colored suit, lighter colored sports shirt buttoned at the neck, and his arm around the next woman; last woman is wearing a light colored double breasted coat (with stylish shoulder pads), with tiny buttons, and small earrings; she has a dark colored purse resting in her lap. There are five tall drinks on the table along with an ashtray two packs of cigarets and a package of matches. B: Folder of white heavy paper, printed in orange color ink "For Reservations Call ADAMS 9846, Last Word (actually appears in white on an organe color background with a cocktail glass and some music), Souvenir Photo, 4206 South Central Avenue, Los Angeles, California." On the inside border around the photograph is signed twice, once in pencil "To My Pal Sallie - From T. Bone Walker -9-1-47-;" the other in ink "To A. fine laady - Sallie - From T. Bone Walker 9-1-47-"

The "Last Word," a night club located in South Central Los Angeles on South Central Avenue. All five photographs in this collection came from the home of Sallie Eakins.

Used: souvenir | Momento

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