30.0 in WIDE
(76.20 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Davis Todhunter

White net scarf, with metallic gold decoration. The scarf is broken horizontally into three major design areas. The first and third areas are identical, large square set on point, decorated with vertical bars with zigzag lines running up them,. The next segment separates the major design area and is composed of three different sized squares, also on point, set one on top of the other. The interior patterns of these squares vary: one is checkered, the next contains small checkered blocks and the last is a series of outlines in deminishing sizes. The central major design area is a large square, set on point, decorated with a lattice pattern. The three squares of diiferent sizes are repeated, but the patterns within the squares are reversed. Finally the last major design area appears (as described before) it is like the first segment. There is an over-all background motif, two bits of metal. The border down the length of the scarf is different from the border at either end. All edges are hemmed.

Asuite scarves were very popular evening fashion in the 1920s. Some people had dresses made from them.

Used: adult ~ female | Souvenir | Evening

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