Oakland, 1906
7.325 in|10.75 in HIGH x 9.5 in|12.625 in WIDE
(18.61 cm|27.30 cm HIGH x 24.13 cm|32.07 cm WIDE)
Gift of Charlie and Norma Kruse

Printed in white, on the image "Prince.Photo, L.A. Oakland, 1906."

Black and white, silver gelatin, photograph mounted on dark gray board. Subject of the image is the Oakland Oaks Baseball Team: 15 members of the team (6 kneeling in the front, nine standing behind them). All are wearing the buttoned shirt and knickers of the baseball uniform. A couple have dark sleeved undershirts, as opposed to most of the team wearing light colored undershirts. Behind them is a wooden wall surmounted by chicken wire. The fans, attending the game--which appears about to start, are seated behind the chicken wire in bleachers. There appear to be twelve women in the audience (all wearing large hats) of at least ninety men. Actually everyone is wearing a hat or a cap, including the baseball team. Most of the men in the audience are wearing bowlers or fedoras, but there are some caps, and at least one boater.

Donor's Grandfather, Charlie "Buck" Franck, was the team captain. He's picture here, third from the left, in the front.

Used: souvenir

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