Humboldt County
4.25 in WIDE
(10.79 cm WIDE)
Gift of the White Elephant Sale

White & Pollard, Bank of Commerce Building, Oakland, California

White paper map of Humboldt County set in a tan folder, with black printing: "Denny's Pocket Map." White paper tag is glued to front of map, printed in blue: "Humboldt" and stamped on the label and on the map itself is: "White & Pollard, Bank of Commerce Building, Oakland, California." Paper tag pasted on the front and another on the spine "11." The Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation is set between the communities of Weitchpec (to the north) and Campbell (at the south). The "Redwood Belt" was to have been tinted red on the map, but it is not.

Used: White & Pollard | Oakland

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