Lassen County
4.0 in WIDE
(10.16 cm WIDE)
Gift of the White Elephant Sale

White & Pollard, Bank of Commerce Building, Oakland, California

White paper map of Lassen County set in a gray folder, with black printing: "Map of Lassen County, California ... issued by Progressive Map Service, Dan W. Chamberlin, Engineers, Designers, Map Publishers, Fresno, CA." Stamped on the folder and on the map itself is: "White & Pollard, Bank of Commerce Building, Oakland, California." Paper tag pasted on the front and another on the spine "17." The Walker Lumber Co. name appears on the map, slightly north of Susanville. The county is outlined in red and the names of adjacent counties also appear in red: Plumas, Shasta and Modoc. A section of the map has been colored in with red pencil. The map is copyrighted in 1914 by the Punnett Bros. However, there's a legend for the Lassen County map: "Organized in 1864, Population 1900 - 4511, Population 1910 - 4802, Area in Square Miles 4750....Published by C. F. Weber & Co., San Francisco, Los Angeles."

Used: White & Pollard | Oakland

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