San Mateo County
4.0 in WIDE
(10.16 cm WIDE)
Gift of the White Elephant Sale

White & Pollard, Bank of Commerce Building, Oakland, California

White paper map of San Mateo County set in a blue leatherette folder. The map contains the following cities: South San Francisco, Burlingame, San Mateo, Belmont, Redwood City, Palo Alto, Mayfield, Mountain View and smaller, costal communities: Edgemar, Salada Beach, brighton, Vallemar, Rockaway Beach, San edro Terrace, Montara, Faralone City, Moss Beach, Marine Terrace, Riviera Seal Cove, Francisco Heights, Princeton by the Sea, Granada, Balboa, Miramar Terrace, Mirimar Surf Beach, City of Nappels, Venice, Elmar, Ocean Spray, Grand View Terrace, Newport Highland Park, Miramonte, Spanish Town, Arleta Park, Wave Crest, Redondo, Oro Vista, Manhattan Beach and Lipton by the Sea. Also indicated on the map are old ranchos, for example: Ranco Canada Verde, Rancho Canada de Ramundo, Rancho de las Pulgas, Buri Buri Rancho, etc. Stanford University also appears on the map. "Area 477 Square Miles." Stamped on the cover and on the map itself is: "White & Pollard, Bank of Commerce Building, Oakland, California." Paper tag pasted on the front "38." Many notes made on the map in red and black lead pencil.

Used: White & Pollard | Oakland

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