This suit (vest and trousers) of upholstery was specially designed and made for artist, Garry Knox Bennett. A: The vest is made of the striped, pile weave upholstery fabric in red and brown stripe; it's lined in red rayon. The four pockets (all in the front) are lined in gray cotton twill. The vest fastens down the front with 8 hand made sterling silver buttons, reproductions of buttons from "Squirkinworks." Leaping pig is featured design on each button. B: The trousers, made from the same striped upholstery fabric. There are 8 belt loops at the waist. Two inseam pockets (one on either side) and one back pocket, on the proper right. The trousers fasten at a fly in the front closed by a metallic zipper, silver in color.

Garry Knox Bennett is a well known California artist with many pieces in the collections of the Art Department of the Oakland Museum of California.

Used: Garry Knox Bennett

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