Hallmark Flower Fantasy
9.375 in WIDE
(23.81 cm WIDE)
Gift of the White Elephant Sale

Hallmark Flower Fantasy, The revolutionary paper fashion

Paper dress still inside the manufacturer's shocking pink packaging. "Hallmark Flower Fantasy, The revolutionary paper fashion. Paper Party Dress. Sleeveless, A-line shift. Shorten with scissors to desired length. Press with cool iron. Disposable fashions for: Entertaining, Traveling, Lounging, Shopping. Size: Small, 8-10..." Shocking pink cover has dress-shaped cut-out so that dress shows through an illustration of a young woman, with flowing, shocking pink hair, printed white skin. Print on the package is in white or black. Dress is made of 93% Cellulose and 7% Nylon. It is "Fire Resistant." It appears that the original price for this article was probably $3.50; marked on back and front of package "350 PD 35-2."

"Paper dresses" were popular in the 1960s. They could advertise artists, life styles, politics, corporations, etc. They also could be "[Shortened] with scissors to desired length" which made them usefully attractive as skirt lengths went up in that era.

Used: female ~ adult ~ teenager

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