This brown sueded leather collar is part of the Camp Fire Girl Uniform (2006.59.1). It is trimmed with beaded fringe, using wooden beads in natural, red, blue and orange color. All of the outside edges of the collar (except the bottom front edge, which is fringed) are finished with a trim of small, orange colored glass beads. Down the front are 6 patched, with 6 different Native American-like symbols, printed in different colors on the brown suede leather, and trimmed with the orange colored glass beads. A patch at the back has been basted into place, but is not yet trimmed. The collar (or yoke) front and back are laced together at the shoulders with strips of leather. Decorative fringe, with the wooden beads falls from leather strips on either side in the front, and across the back.

Used: Camp Fire Girl | Margaret Preston | Uniform | Sacramento Co.

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