A Designer's Way with Crochet
8.5 in WIDE
(21.59 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mary Ann Benson

"From the October 1971 issue of Woman's Day, A Designer's Way with Crochet....75 cents........"

A: This is the printed paper pattern used by Mary Ann Benson to create her crocheted vest (2006.60.2). The pattern, white paper, is printed on both sides in black, creating eight long pages, folded in half. The vest Mary Ann made is on the cover of the pattern, but there are illustrations and instructions for other pieces: jumper, poncho, skirt, cloche, openwork cap, scalloped edge cap, helmet, twining-vine cap, trefoil belt, flowered belt and rosette-medallion belt. Pattern sold for 75 cents. B: Two full color pages torn from the October 1971 issue of "Woman's Day" magazine. The pages are stapled together at the upper proper right corner, and show three pages in the magazine showing all of the garments and accessories in full color that would be available in the pattern.

Used: Mary Ann Benson

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