Launching Day of the S.S. "john E. Wilkie"
14. in HIGH x 11. in WIDE
(35.56 cm HIGH x 27.94 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mrs. Mary Lew Chinn

Launching Day of the S.S. "John E. Wilkie," The Permanente Metals Corporation, Shipyard Number Two, Richmond, California. July 8, 1943. Photograph 2L-11

This photograph, from the series about the launching of the S.S. John E. Wilkie, shows the ship draped in red,. white and blue bunting, with a worker looking down at another worker nearer the keel of the ship. There's a sign reading: "Hull 1588, Boat Foreman, D. Carlson; Keel Laid, June 17, 1943; Launched, July 8, 1943; Erection: Tons erected/today - 6, to date - 3036; Man hours/today - 8431, to date 98000; ...Platform, Ions erected/to date 1732." This information not only was designed to boost the patriotic spirit of the workers at the shipyeard, but also serves as a testement as to how quickly the Richmond yards worked.

Used: souvenir

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