Launching Day of the S.S. "John E. Wilkie,
14. in WIDE
(35.56 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mrs. Mary Lew Chinn

Launching Day of the S.S. "John E. Wilkie," The Permanente Metals Corporation, Shipyard Number Two, Richmond, California. July 8, 1943. Photograph No. 2L-18

This image was taken after the S.S. John E. Wilkie was launched. It shows Vivian Lew, Mrs. Mary Lew Chinn (Sponsor of the ship) and D. G. Hom standing on the speaker's platform, looking out toward the ship. On the far right is a uniformed guard (emblem on the hat is difficult to read--might be a private guard hired by Kaiser/Permanente Metals) who saultes the ship as it moves away from the slip.

Used: souvenir

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