Shipyard Number Two...Launching Platform
3. in HIGH x 4. in WIDE
(7.62 cm HIGH x 10.16 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mrs. Mary Lew Chinn

Permanente Metals Corporation, 1941. Shipyard Number Two, S.S. John E. Wilkie, Admit Bearer and Party to Launching Platform

Three tickets to the launching of the "S.S. John E. Wilkie [at] Shipyard Number Two (Permanente Metals Corporation, 1941), Admit Bearer and Party to Launching Platform." These are souvenirs from the launching at which Mrs. Mary Lew Chinn served as the sponsor for the S.S. John E. Wilkie, and christened the ship. The tickets are printed on tan stock with a gray/taupe textured woven pattern printed on. The Permanente Metals logo and all of the words are printed in blue. John E. Wilkie is stamped on in black. There is a red border printed on the ticket, with a blue border within it.

Used: admission | Souvenir

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