Mrs. Mary Chinn, Sponsor, Miss Vivian Lew, Maid of Honor
3. in HIGH x 12. in WIDE
(7.62 cm HIGH x 30.48 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mrs. Mary Lew Chinn

Permanente Metals Corp, Yard No. 2-Richmond, Calif., S.S. John E. Wilkie

Two placecards for the launching of the S.S. John E. Wilkie, at Kaiser's Shipyard Number Two, Richmond, California, July 8, 1943. Both cards are silk screened in blue, light blue and coral color. The coral accents are used on sea horses at either side of the card and on an achor on which is super-imposed a "V" (for Victory in World War II). Hand lettered in black ink are the names of the ship's Sponsor, the Maid of Honor and the ship, "S.S. John E. Wilkie." A: Card for Mrs. Mary Lew Chinn which reads: "Mrs. Mary Chinn, Sponsor." B: Card for "Miss Vivian Lew, Maid of Honor."

Used: Mrs. Mary Lew Chinn | Vivian Lew | Launching | Christening | The Permanente Metals Corporation | Shipyard Number Two | Richmond

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