Summertime at Pacific Grove, California
6.5 in HIGH x 4.125 in WIDE
(16.51 cm HIGH x 10.48 cm WIDE)
Gift of Genevieve M. Prlain

Title - "Summertime at Pacific Grove, California."

This small booklet, in addition to having illustrations of various sites in Pacific Grove, also has inofrmation about the new United States Military Camp, and information about the Southern Pacific Company. Page 6 has three illustrations of the militray camp, "...The presence at Monterey of a post of the United States Army, both infantry and cavalry service, furnishes a new and interesting charm and attraction. All the paraphernalia of war are here. The daily dress parades, gurad mounts and reviews furnish a source of unfailing entertainment and instruction. The electric cars reach the camp." Renting accommodations in the area for the summer can be arranged in hotels, cottage rooms or cottage tents. Cottage tents (10 x 12 - 1 room) could be rented for $2.25 per week or $6.75 a month. Cottage room for one person per day was $.50, two persons $.75. For a week, one person $3.00 and two people $4.50. The Hotel El Carmel had higher rates: room and board, per day $2.50 and up; per week $14.00 and up; however, children and maids had lesser fees $2.00 and up per day, $12.00 and upper week. There are no prices listed for the Hotel del Monte which is described as "...a model of luxurious comfort..." The fees for Southern Pacific Company train service on the Coast Line vary. "Residents of Pacific Grove can run up to San Francisco, spend the day there and return the same evening. Passengers from the south can leave Los Angeles at eight in the morning and reach Pacific Grove at dusk....The rates between San Francisco and Pacific Grove are: Single trip, $3.15; Friday to Tuesday, round trip, $4.75; family commutation (thirty single trips), $63.00. Chair cars on all trains and parlor car on Del Monte Limited." A Programme of Summer Meetings is listed which includes activities at the Hopkins' Seaside Laboratory, Summer School of Music, Encampment of the San Jose District Mehtodist Episcopal Church, Salvation Army program, "Chautauqua Assembly," the Women's Christian Temperance Union, Farmers' Institute and the YMCA. The map at the rear of the booklet was produced by "Southern Pacific, Sunset Ogden & Shasta Routes." It shows the Southern Pacific routes in Contra Costa, Alameda, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and Monterey counties.

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