This is a pair of knitted cotton pajamas, size 8. A: is the top, long sleeves, with a red knitted cotton band at the cuffs and around the neck. Printed on the front, in full color, are some of the characters from the Pixar/Disney animated film "Cars." The main character is Lightning McQueen, a red racing car (who doesn't have head lights which makes driving at night chancy at best); next is his transport truck, with his sponsor's name on it "Rust-eze;" finally is Mater, a rather beat up tow truck living in Radiator Springs. Printed across the bottom of the illustration is "Lightning, Speedway Legend." Hang tags are still in place at left cuff: 3 items, 1. Pixar/Disney logo claim; 2. safety disclaimer for product; 3. Target price tag $19.99 for two sets of pictorially related pajamas (2006.66.1 and 2006.66.2). B: Pants to the pajamas in (heather) gray cotton knit, with red knitted cuffs on either leg and an elastic waistband with a black cloth label on the outside, reading "Cars."

The Pixar film, "Cars", was released by Disney in 2006 with Owen Wilson supplying the voice of Lightning McQueen, Bonnie Hunt (as Lightning's love interest Sally, a Porsche), and Paul Newman (himself a car racer in addition to being an actor) as Doc Hudson, an older Hudson car.

Used: child ~ male | Sleep

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