1.75 in HIGH x 1.5 in WIDE
(4.44 cm HIGH x 3.81 cm WIDE)
Museum Purchase

Tow Mater, Radiator Springs

Toy tow truck named "Tow Mater" (Mater for short), one of the featureded characters in the Pixar/Disney film "Cars," released in 2006. The truck has a face (green eyes located in the windshield, and prominent teeth, located above the front bumper. There is no hood. The towing mechanism is in the back. Mater's towing information is printed on either door "Tow Mater, ..., Radiator Springs."

In the film, Mater teachs Lightning McQueen (the lead character) how to tip tractors instead of the legendary farm prank of tipping cows.

Used: play | Child ~ male

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