Playful Creatures
18 in HIGH x 24 in WIDE
(45.72 cm HIGH x 60.96 cm WIDE)
Gift of the Lyle R. Scott Collection

"F. Day" - D has triple vertical mark, painted, BR
Adhesive exhibition label on verso:"HX76.7.13Frank Day; KonkowPlayful Creatures1964oil on canvasboardCollection of Lyle R. Scott4.1.4MEMORY AND IMAGINATIONThe Legacy of Maidu Indian Artist Frank DayOakland Museum of California History Department1000 Oak Street Oakland, CA 94611 510.238.3842"Adhesive label on verso:"Atthowe Fine Art Services926 32nd Street Oakland, California 94608(510)654-6816CRATE 9"
"MEMORY AND IMAGINATION: The Legacy of Maidu Indian Artist Frank Day" - March 15 to Oct. 19, 1997, Oakland Museum of California.

An oil painting on canvasboard contains a landscape composition with human and animal figures. The center of the composition contains two large creatures with gray skin with features similar to dinosaurs. A long creature with a snake-like body, a small head, and flat webbed feet curls around the body of a large lizard-like creature with yellow scaled belly and a spiny ridge down its back. Each creatures has cracked the trunk of a pine tree during their "play" at center and lower right. A smaller lizard-like creature is visible between the trunks of two standing pine trees left of center. The creatures stand on a large patch of white ground flanked by green and purple ground. A ridge of blue mountains stretch horizontally across the center of the canvas against yellow sky that fades to blue on the upper section of the canvas. A nude figure kneels at bottom center beside the white patch of ground holding a spear and two rocks tied with cord.
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