Mother Lode Barber Shop
9 in HIGH x 13.5 in WIDE
(22.86 cm HIGH x 34.29 cm WIDE)
Gift of the Lyle R. Scott Collection

"Lyle and Paul / 'Best Wishes' Al & Lucile Blaisdell" - written in ink on paper adhered to object, BR

(A) Rectangular sheet cartoon of the Mother Lode Barber Shop. The composition shows a side view of a large white clapboard house with a shingled peaked roof, a partially visible porch with hanging flower basket on the right, and a red and white striped barber pole mounted on the left side of the building. To the left, a male figure in a white coat with broom in hand stands in the entryway to the building with a speech bubble that reads, "Why-Yes, I guess we have- / been cutting hair a long time!" A second male figure in a red and white checked shirt holds a green dustpan and hand broom with a speech bubble that reads, "Why do you ask?" The two men stand next to a large pile of multicolor hair cuttings. Two strips of paper are adhered to the page at the lower right and contain script that reads, "Lyle and Paul / 'Best Wishes' Al & Lucile Blaisdell" (B) The back of the cartoon contains a watercolor painting of a wooden barn with peaked roof and sloping additions at either end. The building appears in the center of the composition surrounded by trees and behind a white road lined with wooden fence poles that winds along the lower side of the page. Tall grasses are painted along the bottom edge and extend along the left side of the page into the background. Several black birds appear flying in a blue sky in front of mountain peaks indicated across the upper portion of the composition.

2006.75.25 previously in the collection of Lyle R. Scott, owner of the Mother Lode Barber Shop in Sonora, CA

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