Baby (Baby Doll)
Gift of Burl Willes and Photos by Biron (Lionel A. Biron)

This jacket features a metallic red "eyelash" (type) fabric front, with pre knitted white sleeves and a blue knitted back. Vertical side panels are of red corduroy printed with dogs. The collar is made of a pink feather boa, with small pieces of purple feathers on either side in the front. Many baby socks, booties and children's socks are appliqued all over the jacket. Several small sized toy stuffed animals are appliqued to the jacket. It is generally embellished with pompons in a large variety of colors, artificial flowers (also in many colors) and beads of different colors and materials (mostly plastic and glass). In addition there are full color illustrations of babies and children appliqued on the sleeves, in the front and back. The back also features a baby garment of terry cloth (pink, baby blue, white and yellow. A toy bunny has been arranged so its head comes out of the neck of the garment. Centered in the back, at the hem, is an illustration of a boy, dressed in a cowboy hat and a red plaid shirt, drinking a glass of milk.

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