8 in HIGH x 17 in WIDE x 16.5 in DEEP
(20.32 cm HIGH x 43.18 cm WIDE x 41.91 cm DEEP)
Gift of Catherine M. Trefethen, by John Trefethen under power of attorney

To Henry J. Kaiser from Fleetwing, XMAS 1943
Henry J. Kaiser: Think Big. January 24-August 29, 2004, History Special Gallery.

Stylized model helicopter made of wood with clear varnish. Cockpit has a clear plastic window with green seats and controls. Wood flotation landing gear is attached to the base of the helicopter with metal bracketry. There is a large silver colored metal propeller on top that spins. Helicopter is mounted to a black wood base with beveled sides. The front side of base has a small silver colored metal plaque that reads, "To Henry J. Kaiser from Fletwing XMAS 1943." This model was presented to Henry J. Kaiser from his Fleetwings aircraft operation in Bristol, Pennsylvania as a Christmas present in 1943.

Exhibit label: "HELICOPTER Aware of Kaiser's affinity for aviation, personnel from his Fleetwings aircraft operation in Bristol, Pennsylvania present him with this stylized helicopter for Christmas, 1943. TREFETHEN VINEYARDS"

Used: Kaiser Industries | Henry J. Kaiser

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