Me Hunchback
9.5 in|5.25 in HIGH x 6.5 in|3.25 in WIDE
(24.13 cm|13.33 cm HIGH x 16.51 cm|8.25 cm WIDE)
Gift of Ms. Mary Dunn

Print in original mat, signed BR in ink to Sandy and Keith? Peterson from Sargent Johnson
"SARGENT / JOHNSON / 57" - written in pencil, BR, outside plate; "To Sandy & [Kn?th?] / .Peterson / From Sargent Johnson" - written in ink on top of mat, BR.
"ME HUNCHBACK" - written in pencil, BL, outside plate

A rectangular sheet etching on paper contains a composition of a male figure sitting on what appears as a bench. The figure's head is in profile looking right and supported his by his left arm, which is propped on the end of the bench. Small rectangles with hash marks are visible in the upper left corner.
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