8 in HIGH x 10 in WIDE
(20.32 cm HIGH x 25.40 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

From caption on back of photograph: "Sze-ize, the Chinese golden dancing lion, pranced along Eighth Street yesterday, gobbling up dollar bills for the benefit of the Chinese Hospital in San Francisco. The money, hanging from a suspended cord in the left of the picture, is a particular family's contribution on the occasion of the advent of the New Year. Smoke from a large bundle of firecrackers going off in the background can be seen at right." Three Chinese American men parade their lion costume down Eighth Street in Oakland during the daytime. They wear casual clothing and tennis shoes rather than costumes. A large crowd of both Asian Americans and Caucasians watches. One of them on the image's proper left snaps a picture with his camera. Dollar bills are suspended from a string hanging in the proper upper right of the image, and one of the dancers appears to be reaching up along with the costume to grab the bills. The surrounding neighborhood of the parade appears to be fairly industrial. There is a cloud of smoke from exploded firecrackers on the proper left.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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