8 in HIGH x 10 in WIDE
(20.32 cm HIGH x 25.40 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

From caption on back of photograph: "In the heart of what is now downtown Oakland the campus of the College of California, predecessor of the Univeristy of California, existed 60 years ago. Brayton Hall, a "prep" school, appears in the foreground, with College Hall, main academic building, just behind it." A broad unpaved street through old Oakland, with buildings on either side. Someone has written in labels for the main street as "Twelth St." and its crossroad as "Franklin St." There are trees growing on the road itself. A man is leading some horses down the street in the background. The buildings on the proper right side of the street appear to be mostly houses. There are two larger buildings in the background, either one of which could be College Hall. In the proper left foreground is a large bakery. The readable portion of its sign says "Unfermented Bread CS Branch". There are major tears in all the corners of the photograph.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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