From "V Day, European War" File. From caption on back of photograph: "Chaplain (Colonel) Mylon Merchant offered prayer for the men who had lost their lives in Europe and for success of our arms in the Pacific at a VE-Day commemorative service at the Fort Mason headquarters of San Francisco Port of Embarkation yesterday (Tuesday) at noon. The Fort Mason Band played appropriate selections during the short service. Similar programs were held at Camp Knight, Fort McDowell and Camp Stoneman installations of Major General C. H. Kells command." In a clearing at Fort Mason, A military chaplain (Mylon Merchant) reads prayers from his bible into a microphone. Behind him stands a full military band ready to play their instruments. Trumpets, tubas, drums, and saxophones are all visible. A crowd of civilians watch the proceedings in the proper right background. Some of Fort Mason's buildings are also visible in the background. There is a seal in the lower proper right of the photograph that reads "U.S. Army Signal Corps."

Used: Oakland Tribune

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