10 in HIGH x 8 in WIDE
(25.40 cm HIGH x 20.32 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

From "Miller, Ann Actress Is Mrs. Reese L. Milner" folder. From caption on back of photograph: "New Poodle - New Haircut...Ann Miller, who recently finished an exciting dancing role in the new M-G-M musical, "Hit the Deck," shows her new poodle crop coiffure, and her new poodle simultaneously. His name is Robert, and she gives him the French pronunciation Row-bear." Photograph of the actress Ann Miller. Her blouse appears to have had pennies sown into it. She wears a large golden bracelet, earrings and a ring. A black poodle sits on her shoulder.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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