Bond of the State of California for War Indebtedness
11.375 in HIGH x 12 in WIDE
(28.89 cm HIGH x 30.48 cm WIDE)
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Bond of the State of California for War Indebtedness | $250 |

John Bigler became governor of California January 1852. Among his first actions was to urge rejection of treaties with California Indian tribes and proposed reservations. Instead of ratifying the treaties, the Commissioners recommended a policy removal in reverse Jacksonian policy, moving Indians east instead of west. While some supported California Indian causes, the predominant policy toward Indians was "Kill, murder, exterminate or domesticate and improve them." In the late 1850s local municipalities as well as the state paid bounties for evidence of every Indian killed. See INDIANS OF CALIFORNIA: The Changing Image (James J. Rawls), Chapter 7 Extermination. Carey Caldwell, 2006. Bond of the State of California for War Indebtedness, for $250, bond number 337, dated May 2, 1862, with 11 coupons at the bottom. All coupons Have "paid" handwritten on them, and a large "paid" is handwitten on the center of the bond in ink. (S. Macarron) Transcription of bond: "BOND OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA FOR WAR INDEBTEDNESS IN CONFORMITY WITH "an Act authorizing the TREASURER OF THE STATE to issue Bonds for the payment of the expenses of certain Expeditions against the Indians, Approved May 3, 1852. "The State of California promises to pay to the order of the Governor thereof, on the Second Day of May A.D. 1853, at the Office of the State Treasurer, TWO HUNDRED & FIFTY DOLLARS, provided the same be not sooner paid from Funds anticipated [?] in said Act to be derived [?] from the Government of the United States with interest at the rate of SEVEN PER CENT per Annum payable at the said Treasurer's Office on the surrender of the annexed Coupons on the First Day of January A.D. 1853, and Annually thereafter. This Bond transferable by assignment] on the same by the owner thereof or by his Attorney in fact. "IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF the Treasurer, Comptroller and Governor have respectively Signed, ____, and endorsed these presents and affixed the Seal of the State thereto the" [Handwritten] "Thirty first day of March A.D. 1854" [Signed] "S. Andmiano [?]" Treasurer Transcribe by Adam Nilsen 5 June 2007 [11 coupons attached below, each giving a date and the text]: "On the First Day of January the State of California will pay the bearer at the Treasurer's Office Seventeen Dollars & Fifty Cents for the ___ ___ on Bond No. 837." [Each coupon is signed by the treasurer and "Paid" is handwritten over each one. "Paid" is also handwritten across the main text of the bond.]

Used: California Gold Rush

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