c. 1985
Gift of Susana Macarron

White Duck|San Francisco
"Trading Traditions: California New Cultures." Low Bay, January 19, 2008 - April 6, 2008.

This black corduroy jacket was purchased locally, but worn primarily in Spain. The jacket is decorated with machine embroidered applique in silk pongee and raw silk (ivory colored, cream colored, tan, mauve and light purple); the motifs are fans. There are two fans on the front, toward the hem, and three fans on the back. The fans themselves are decorated with images of smaller fans, and of cranes. The jacket has long sleeves; the cuff, neckline, front and hem are all decorated with cream colored piping, set in from the edge approximately 3/4 of an inch; the edges are bound with matching black corduroy on the bias. Small slit (approximately 2.5 inches) on either side of the jacket at the hem. The jacket fastens down the front with nine small, domed buttons, covered in matching black corduroy. The buttons fit into ivory colored cord button loops.

White Duck was known for this clean and well executed style of machine embroidered applique work.Alicia Iturrioz de Macarron wore this jacket to the Royal Palace in Madrid Spain, where she was the guest of the King and Queen of Spain for a special daytime reception. She also wore the jacket on vacation and holiday visits to her home in the Basque Country of Spain.

Used: Alicia Iturrioz de Macarron | Madrid, Spain | Basque Country, Spain | Royal reception | Reception | Vacation

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