Plate set
1.75 in|.875 in|1.5 in|1 in HIGH x 7.25 in|6 in|5.25 in|3.75 in WIDE x 7.5 in|5.5 in|5.25 in|3.75 in DEEP
(4.44 cm|2.22 cm|3.81 cm|2.54 cm HIGH x 18.41 cm|15.24 cm|13.33 cm|9.52 cm WIDE x 19.05 cm|13.97 cm|13.33 cm|9.52 cm DEEP)
Gift of Mr. John Toki

ADAIR '72 (signed in cobalt glaze on bottom of all pieces except 'A')

Seven assorted plates made of white clay with red and blue glazes. All are hand formed and glazed on top only, except for (C) which has glaze on the bottom and three legs. (A) is square and has flared fluted sides and a red and green circle in the center. (B) is shaped like a scallop shell and has blue in the center and red on the edges. (C) is a square in which the artist has stepped with the ball of her foot to leave an indentation of her toes. This plate is decorated with green and red circles and has blue cobalt lines radiating from the toe print. (D-F) are smaller plate, mostly square in shape with various textures and red and blue glaze throughout.

Used: John Toki

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