Betty Cronin Inventor of the T.V. Dinner
16.5 in|2.25 in HIGH x 8.5 in|6.625 in WIDE x 6.5 in|.375 in DEEP
(41.91 cm|5.71 cm HIGH x 21.59 cm|16.83 cm WIDE x 16.51 cm|.95 cm DEEP)
Gift of Mr. John Toki


Ceramic sculpture of a woman (A) with a sign (B) that reads "BETTY CRONIN / INVENTOR OF / THE T. V. DINNER." Woman is wearing a blue dress decorated with T.V. sets, each depicting a different T.V. show. She has blond hair and black open toed shoes decorated with turkey legs. Her finger and toe nails are red and she holds a turkey T.V. Dinner in front of her.

Used: John Toki

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